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Here at RootzWiki, we realize that a quality rom/theme/kernel deserves a quality post and quality attention. Thats one of the primary reasons for our switch to this new modification system. To help cut down on user questions (by presenting critical information right up top) and to help cut down on the questions you have to answer.

Our new system presents the first post on EVERY page of a thread. With this comes the need (IMO) for the following new bbcodes that i've added to help you.

This first one is great for changelogs and long lists.
[hide=This is one]Oh RLY now?[/hide]

the code is: [hide=This is one]Oh RLY now?[/hide]
i've also added
[head]non collapsable ones[/head]
the code is: [head]non collapsable ones[/head]
We have a TOP OF THE LINE server for you. Destroy it, we dare you :D. Upload your images from url using our image button (you can find this on the second row of the editor *ITS A TREE! :D*). We also hate those "bandwidth exceeded" and dead image's just as much as you.

This new system has a LOT of features, we encourage you to use it to the fullest. Supporters/CoAuthors is very cool because if they are a member on the site, then they will get linked back to. Use that to credit people.

Keep in mind, the above are just recommendations, RootzWiki is not trying to tell you how to post/release, but we are saying that the cleaner the post/release, the less questions you'll get from noobs and nooblets and the more time for you to make your work the best stuff on the planet (hopefully snapple doesn't come at me for that)

If you have any questions or comments about the new system, feel free to ask them here. If you have anything you'd like to see us add to it same goes for that. If you down right hate the system and want to throw it on the ground. please do so constructively xD

update: thought i'd throw this video b16 made in here too
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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