As the Rootzwiki faithful know, we have been spending quite a bit of time showcasing the best themes for the 2014 CyanogenMod Theme Engine, testing them on CM11 and Paranoid Android. As an avid theme collector with hundreds of the themes for my various devices, I can tell you I hate to spend my coin only to find that most of my phone ends up still unthemed. I mean who wants to spend money for something that seems half-baked and incomplete? If my homescreen is looking like new money I also want to go into my various apps and find a similar look and feel. Which brings me to Tim Austin, aka DrumDestroyer's, Empire theme family.

When you buy this theme, whether it be the CM 11 system theme or the icon pack and accompanying Zooper Widgets, you won't look back at your wallet with regret. Everything is themed with detail and care and even the places you go looking expecting to find things still untouched you will find that Drum was there. Frankly I feel like I owe this guy a couple more dollars.

What's Themed

Empire uses one of the most original and distinctive color schemes of all the themes in my collection. The creme color that seems to be the theme's base is augmented with deep greens and browns giving it a kind of camo look. There are also splashes of cyan, orange and grey that are actually the perfect accent, giving the theme a solid and concise artistic style across almost everything you can imagine would be themed. In total there are more than 50 packages that have been given the Empire effect. All of this built on top of Addie Baker's (aka Big DX)'s theme base. The Empire launcher and CM11 themes will each run you $1.99 on Google Play and I will include links to entire theme family below.

Empire Includes:

• Custom, Original Design Work
• Custom Wallpaper
• 5,600 Custom Images!!
• 1,200+ HD 192x192 App Icons (New Theme Engine Only)
• 53 packages themed
• Custom Boot Animation
Also Bryan Owens, a veritable theme wizard in his own right, has created a flashable zip for Google Hangouts that looks amazing. Empire also has a launcher theme that has an additional 700 hd icons and over 50 additional wallpapers. There is also a Zooper widget pack with some amazing-looking widgets that take advantage of the Empire schema. In all the total package that Empire brings is pretty next-level as far as themes go and comes highly recommended. Don't believe me? Check out the screenshot gallery below.

Wrap Up

Empire is one of the best themes your money can buy for the CM 11 theme engine. You can get the CM 11 theme here for $1,99. If you want to go all in with this theme you can grab the 700 additional icons and 50+ wallpapers by purchasing the launcher theme here, also for $1.99. It should be noted the icon pack is a good option for those who are running stock ROMs and/or have unrooted devices. The gallery above also includes the $0.99 Zooper Widget skin (get it here) which comes with the awesome analog clock seen on my homescreen and several text widgets from La Barba. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more complete theme than Empire. If you are running Empire in the new CM 11 Theme Engine feel free to let us know in the comments or show us your screens on Google+.