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cm 10.1 JB 10 finger multi-touch unofficial acclaim.

I am using the 10-20121128 version for the last 6 days with zero problems, the Rom install pushes the 10 finger firmware update as an apk you run after first boot. And I've verified all ten touch points function simultaneously.

The Rom is very fast, is not the SGT7 version, and the download is 135MB, I've been using the 1200Mhz overclocking without a problem, although it runs a little hot in the lower right corner. The next release removed the overclocking.

Also uses cyanoboot and TWRP (instead of CWM), which of you have not used before is very cool, simply the addition of a file browser to the recovery program is a huge improvement over CWM (the newest update switches back to CWM...)

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