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(Thread from XDA) (also if posting this is not okay let me know. i'm new here. haha)

Introducing Batakang ROM for the RAZR HD and the Atrix HD. Both devices run fine on the RAZR HD firmware, and only require 1 ROM for both of them. Batakang ROM (test 12) is build from Hashcode's stock ROM and updated to the official RAZR HD Jellybean by myself. Credits go to Hashcode for his stock ROM and his Safestrap 3. Without him no ROMs would be possible on this device!

12/2/2012 - Test 12. Updated base to official RAZR HD Jellybean.
12/3/2012 - Test 13. Added busybox. Added OTA Update Center support for SS3 auto-updating by dhacker29.

Known Bugs (as of Test 13):
Security Locks are buggy/not working correctly. Slide to unlock has always worked.
On AT&T, LTE does not work. Works fine on Verizon.

Suggest VERY much that you start from the Jellybean leak (or official), I don't think the ICS kernel will be able to run this as well.
Make a ROM Slot in Slot 1.
Please go to SS3 main menu.
Choose 'Wipe' and then 'Factory Reset'. Wipe it or you may be very sorry. Just ask Markyzz

Install the .zip (flash it!)

  • Tablet UI Version & Phone UI Version. (2 different Downloads, I personally prefer and use Tablet UI).
  • Tweaks for speed, battery life, better data connection, and other misc edits. Thanks to papi92 for these.
  • Heavily debloated. No more Verizon or Motorola stuff bogging down the phone.
  • 4.2 Gapps - Thanks to KillDroidHacks for these.
  • 4.2 Launcher - With option for Batakang wallpaper.
  • MotoBlur stock apps replaced with AOSP where possible.
  • Themed Settings and SystemUI to look more like AOSP.
  • AOSP lockscreen. (Tablet UI Only)
  • OTA Update Center updating
  • Built in apps you need to open to use:
    CPU Sleeper - Turns off the second CPU core when the phone is idle.
    Power Toggles - Notification Toggles & 1% Battery Mod.
  • 4.2 Camera & MotoBlur Camera. (Since 4.2 Camera is not fully functional, nice to have a backup.
Test 13.
Test 12.This is a reminder that this ROM is given "As Is" without any guarantee that it will not brick your device, cause harm, damage, etc. You are responsible for everything you do to your phone and cannot hold myself or anyone else responsible except for yourself. Enjoy!
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