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Hey DX community, v1.9 is almost ready for the public release. I am however going to be putting it through a rigorous week long beta period where it will be tested on every rom it currently supports. This way after a week-long stress test, any bugs that are found can be fixed and a potentially bugless v1.9 can be released.

So, therefore, I am currently seeking beta testers for the following ROMs:

APEX 2.0rc3
OMFGB (GB kernel)
OMGB (GB kernel)
Shuji 2.2 (This rom may be filled, but if interested still email me)
SSDX 2.1
Liquid 2.6

Please contact me via email or gtalk: [email protected]. Just throw a post in here as well. Selected testers will receive an email containing instructions and the beta zip.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please post them and I will address them.

**Mobile Network will be looked into once 1.9 is released and a patch will be issued once its fixed.
**Battery Use currently does not force close with v1.9

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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