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I was wondering if anyone got any free shwag for being part of rooz wiki and finding the guy, I met him yesterday and he was pretty cool and said that he was out of stuff becuase he didn't think the demand would be that high. Just thought I would share that with anyone that might care, also if you didn't go you might want to next year if you can drive it because it's awesome to meet everyone face to face.
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"dickenam said:
haha I can imagine if you pronounced it like you spelled it =]
How do you actually pronounce it? :-/
"dickenam said:
I assume KOOSH
I assumed that too, but wasn't too sure as its an unusual name, or no one in Scotland that I know has it :p
"prash said:
We keep calling him Koosh (like push) too, but according to the douche himself, its Kosh (or like couch with an S in it)

And to the other guy, don't worry he doesn't hate you personally, hes just not good with ...people.
Maybe we should call him 'clockworkmod guy' to save annoyance and confusion :)
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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