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Big Android BBQ.

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I was wondering if anyone got any free shwag for being part of rooz wiki and finding the guy, I met him yesterday and he was pretty cool and said that he was out of stuff becuase he didn't think the demand would be that high. Just thought I would share that with anyone that might care, also if you didn't go you might want to next year if you can drive it because it's awesome to meet everyone face to face.
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Yeah I wish I coulda been there , sounded like it was a blast :grin3:, lol (from reading all the twitter tweets).Being so far away (aka a 20 hr. one way road trip to get there)was one of the reasons .But still maybe next year ,I dont like to fly in planes :gasp:they make me nervous,flying in cars is kinda cool tho .:wink2:
I read where they had free beer.Too bad no free liquor :)

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TheRomMistress said:
Adobe treated us to an open bar tab Friday was AWESOME!

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Thats cool , maybe next year I can attend.
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