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woke up to my thunderbolt shut off (still plugged in to the charger from bed time) and never got it on again... bought an epic 4g and flashed it to cricket no problem. i had 3 lines on my account and needed to remove one, and they made me cancel the account and start a new one and then couldnt give me my old number. while reflashing the phone to get 3g working again something went wrong that i still havent the slightest clue what exactly happened.

first while flashing nia stuff and the prl in qpst it failed like i unplugged the phone.
i couldnt get it connected again.
i rebooted the phone, the computer, switched cables, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers- all a MILLION times.
when i put enable diag mode, device manager shows-
data interface FIVE TIMES (like i plugged 5 phones in. my tb had 2 radios and showed 2 in devmgr, but not 5)
it shows like this on every computer i plug it into. (vista, xp, and 7)
ive odined the phone 5 times with a couple different zips.
the phone has no signal so i cant even use it with sprint. i cant load a prl, and since it has no signal i cant *228.

i can usually figure out whatever gets thrown at me but im stumped here.

im not really a dev but i cook my own roms, theme apps to my liking and flash alot of phones, so i gone over everything i can think of with a fine tooth comb, but im suuuuper busy with work right now AND have 2 lil boys, so what time i have to work on it is pretty chaotic haha

any ideas at all please tell!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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