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Bionic Root and 4G Phobia

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I bought two Bionics on release day. I decided to root one the next day using Petes "one click". After that my 4G stopped working. Long story short it had to be returned because it was "defective". I somehow feel that the rooting caused this to happen. Now I'm afraid to root and lose 4G. I've looked at screenshots of rooted bionics and only have 3G on the status bar. Any comments?
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i spent over 2 hours with big red troubleshooting it and i am living in a city that has 4g. finally got a new one. ill give it one more go and root it!
SUCCESS!!! Thanks guys! I felt indestructible when it came to doing shit with my droid x... now im working my confidence up again i guess lol.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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