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This is normal gummy theme with blackened backgrounds and apks, I pulled the apks and backgrounds from black exodus theme and Steel blue CM7 Theme.

What's themed:
-Font changed to Sony sketch
-Cyanogenmod 9 Bootanimation
-Changed lock screen stars to Phone and Messaging Icons
-Added Second zip. with blue lock screen icons

Screen Shots:

I take no credit for this I just put other people work together for our rom
thanks to everyone who makes this possible.

Blacked Out Link:

Blue Lock Screen Link:

Punisher Wallpaper:

Back to Stock:

Let me know what you think, so I know if I will keep updating

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no it will not. the themed apks probably would but if you flash the theme you'll get a bootloop

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I tried the theme and didn't really like it because it didn't seem to have an ice cream sandwich feel to it. Could you do me a huge favor and make a zip that just includes the blue lockscreen with the phone and mms icons? I really liked that part of the theme

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