In a somewhat crowded market for homescreen replacement apps, another launcher made its debut today - Blur by Klinker Apps of Talon for Twitter and EvolveSMS fame. The launcher bears a resemblance to Google Now Launcher, but there are some key differences. For one, Blur has its own Google Now-style information page which uses your homescreen wallpaper as the header rather than the rotating clipart Google uses. Blur also has native support for icon packs, adjustable grid sizes for the homescreen and app drawer, adjustable icon scaling and an "Android L" style option.

The most important difference, however, may be the ability to have more than one custom page - for example, you can download the Talon Blur Launcher page separately from the Play Store and swipe between that, a simple calculator page and the Blur Info page, all to the left of your homescreens. Though there aren't many options available at launch, the potential of custom launcher info pages is almost limitless, as the Talon page demonstrates.

Not only could we see more pages available for separate download from Klinker Apps themselves, but they have released APIs for custom pages and info cards so third-party developers can also release custom pages of their own. To name just a few possibilities, you could see Themer-style widget pages, Blinkfeed/Flipboard-style pages, or even music pages with artist info pulled from an RSS feed.

If the Play Store description and the YouTube video below don't satisfy your curiosity, you can find more information (including a link to a beta community) in Luke Klinker's post in Google+.

Blur launcher is available for free in the Play Store.

Blur launcher is available for free in the Play Store.​