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[BOOT ANIMATION] Android Event

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This is a boot animation based on the TV show, The Event. Seemed like fun to make it have a Android theme.

Please read. I am not responsible for your lack of literacy or patience to read a few things. Don't say it doesn't work. I have tested it and it does.

This is a landscape boot animation, and has the dimensions of 480x800. If your screen size is different, you can change the desc.txt to reflect your screen size, or just ask me and I will do it.

Not this fast on a phone. Also the last image is the looping image so the whole animation does not start over.

I have included 2 ways of putting this on your phone, a to move in root explorer or equivalent, and a flashable zip (PLEASE NOTE, THE FLASHABLE ZIP INSTALLS IN /SYSTEM/MEDIA)


Method 1;
NON Flashable

Move to the appropriate folder for your device and set permissions like this

Method 2;

Flash via Clockwork Mod Recovery.


All Non-flashable's

Android Event 320x480

Android Event 480x854

Android Event 540x960
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