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Made this a while ago, but only had it in a specific phone forum. After seeing some photos of the AT&T logo as the Death Star, I decided to make a boot animation to encompass the idea. I found a video on youtube of the Death Star testing its powers. I edited the Death Star to have the AT&T rings around it, and made the planet pink to represent T-mobile. This is a landscape boot, uses the whole screen.

Please read. I am not responsible for your phone or your illiteracy.

Preview: (The looping image is just one image so it doesn't show up on the preview)

Youtube preview on phone:

I have 2 ways of putting it on your phone;

1: Non Flashable - Drop in where your is in your phone and set permissions to look like this with root explorer

2. Flashable (Flashes to /system/media) - Put on the root of your SD and boot into clock work recovery and choose flash zip from SD.

NON Flashable

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