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I have a Samsung Fascinate (running PWGB b3 with the KGB kernel). All I had to do was drop the into /system/media. For the sound, I had to rename it to "0406_PowerOn.mp3" and put it in /system/etc. I'm having two problems:
1) Sound and the animation don't sync up
2) The animation is cut short as the phone has booted.

What I then did was unzipped and commented out this line:
p 1 0 DROID
This way the Droid logo animation doesn't happen and it jumps right to the Android transforming. I tried to change the third number at the top of the file to 23 so it would run faster as the animation is always lagging the sound but this didn't work and the animation still runs slowly.

I was wondering why the comment and values don't match and if something should be done about them.
# 540 wide, 960 tall 15 frames per second<br />
480 800 15
Any advice to get it to run faster?
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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