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Boot Animations for Galaxy Nexus ~ Retired.

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Mod Type:: Boot Animation

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Requires Root:: Yes

Thanks again akellar for prompting me to try this out.

They are flashable in CWM and install the file to the system/media folder - this will work with 4.0.2 ROMs and earlier - the 4.0.3&4 ROMs require a different data mount - Specified by download.

General Disclaimer: If you choose to flash any of these files you take it upon yourself to know what you are doing. The files and scripts have been tested and do work. I am not responsible for the damages done to your phone or the collapse of the world economy. I will help you work out why they do not play.

> Something New :

|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM
Version 2: Faster images and no lag
|| Downloadv2
|| Downloadv2 - 4.0.3/4 ROMs


|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM


|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM


|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM

Two Faves:

|| Download - Updated Resolution - No more black bars.
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM


|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM

More Fun Ones:


|| Download - Updated Resolution (removed black bars)
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM


|| Download - Updated Resolution [black bars removed]
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM


|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM

WarpVortex: - Resolution updated (no more squish)

|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM

Stock Boot Animation (CWM Flash)

|| Download-> StockBoot Link - Updated link.
Here is a link to a HD version of the: StockBoot in HD -
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM

Quick Links:
Download Page 2
Download Page 3
Download Page 4
Download Page 5
Download Page 6
Download Page 7
Download Page 8
Download Page 9
Download Page 10
Download Page 11
Download Page 12
Download Page 13
Download Page 14
Download Page 15

Link to a pdf tutorial on how to Create Boot Animations for Android Based Systems
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I would love the stock boot screen back

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
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Just to let you know, the flashable zip for stock boot animation on the OP is not the exact same one as the stock. It doesn't fill up the whole screen for me at least.

I downloaded kejar's GummyNex and got the boot animation. It looks like the pic size is 360 x 640 for the stock one. What you have up on the OP is 480 x 800. When i flash yours, I get black bars at the top and the bottom of the screen.

I downloaded your zip, and re-zipped it with the boot animation zip from kejar's GummyNex that has the correct resolution. I hope that's okay. I tested on my phone.

Thanks for your work. These animation look great!


OOPS, I zipped it wrong. I compressed it instead of just storing it. No wonder it was so small lol. Noobie mistake.

Here is the new zip:
forgot to say thanks to both of you. I don't know why but I like the stock boot....for now. I guess I just didn't have it long enough to get tired of it yet!

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About the stock boot animation you have in your post. is that the HD version? Could you add that too? I love the hd version
if your talking about the nexus S one...I would love that in HD as well!!

The stock one i downloaded from here was decent but wasnt very hi def.(but i dont think the stock one was in the first place

Any way to get more Nexus related ones up?
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I took the plasma one and modified it a bit for ICS Nexus. I figured I would just share it here. It bulked up a bit because I couldn't get it to work with JPEG for some reason so I switched to PNG. If you want to clean it up a bit that would be cool but definitely don't have to, it seems to run fine.

Its a little ruff. Definitely not as smooth as what you see on here. Its nice thought! If you could give the nexus X the nexus colors that would be awesome too(along with smoothing it out)!
Is it possible to get this in a colored edition? Love the animation, just dislike the lack of colors.
oooooooh...good idea! i vote for blue red green and yellow!
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