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Boot Animations for Galaxy Nexus ~ Retired.

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Mod Type:: Boot Animation

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Requires Root:: Yes

Thanks again akellar for prompting me to try this out.

They are flashable in CWM and install the file to the system/media folder - this will work with 4.0.2 ROMs and earlier - the 4.0.3&4 ROMs require a different data mount - Specified by download.

General Disclaimer: If you choose to flash any of these files you take it upon yourself to know what you are doing. The files and scripts have been tested and do work. I am not responsible for the damages done to your phone or the collapse of the world economy. I will help you work out why they do not play.

> Something New :

|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM
Version 2: Faster images and no lag
|| Downloadv2
|| Downloadv2 - 4.0.3/4 ROMs


|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM


|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM


|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM

Two Faves:

|| Download - Updated Resolution - No more black bars.
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM


|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM

More Fun Ones:


|| Download - Updated Resolution (removed black bars)
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM


|| Download - Updated Resolution [black bars removed]
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM


|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM

WarpVortex: - Resolution updated (no more squish)

|| Download
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM

Stock Boot Animation (CWM Flash)

|| Download-> StockBoot Link - Updated link.
Here is a link to a HD version of the: StockBoot in HD -
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM

Quick Links:
Download Page 2
Download Page 3
Download Page 4
Download Page 5
Download Page 6
Download Page 7
Download Page 8
Download Page 9
Download Page 10
Download Page 11
Download Page 12
Download Page 13
Download Page 14
Download Page 15

Link to a pdf tutorial on how to Create Boot Animations for Android Based Systems
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Any chance you could post up the stock boot animation also? I'd like to have it just in case I wanted to go back stock and I was dumb and didn't back mine up before I installed one of your awesome custom ones
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Last installment for a few days:

Android Blues:

|| Download

Android Crumble:

|| Download


|| Download


|| Download - updated resolution (no black bars) - slowed down loading.
|| Download - 4.0.3 ROM


|| Download
I love the SciFiAndroid one but for some reason I'm getting a green bar at the very bottom of the boot screen, almost like the resolution is too small and it doesn't reach all the way to the bottom, is there any way to make the entire background black like in your original post? Thanks a lot btw and keep up the good work! Love your stuff
I pulled the boot files down and looked at the desc.txt file and the resolution is set at 720 by 1280.. it is likely the ROM and/or kernel causing the issue.
Sorry I forgot to mention I'm using the 4.0.3 version of the boot file (was that the one you checked?) I'm using GummyNex 0.5.5 and all the other boot animation's I've tried seem to work out. Thanks again for the quick response and all your hard work
Yes I pulled down both versions.. Not sure why you are experiencing that effect... is the green bar the same color as the wire frame droid?
Yea the green bar is the same color as the wire frame droid... it's really strange, I'll try reflashing it again

Update to your update - SWEEET
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Edit Update: Green Bar removed - 2 pixels...
|| Download || Download - 4.0.3 ROM Edit Update: Landscape in portrait mode - resolution set at 720x430.. will appear small.
|| Download || Download - 4.0.3 ROM
Sweet thanks for the fix
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Thanks so much for these JaeKar99, really good stuff!. Not to nitpick, but despite your updates, I'm still getting a green line at the bottom.. I'm also using 4.0.3 and flashed the link you posted here. Is that to be expected?
I also noticed that the green line isn't completely gone, it's just a lot less bright than it used to be, wasn't enough to bother me
awesome work bud...request if i could...some thing like this gif...


thx a lot :)
How many people are really going to use that? haha :)
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