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So I put the Bionic boot on my phone and it was running very sluggish. So I decided to fix that.
Images have been resized to 480x854 since most phones out don't have 540x960...
desc.txt has been changed accordingly

now the big thing...
The Bionic boot has been put on a diet! The file size is 60% of the original. (2.79MB from 4.47MB)
The real reason for me doing this is to test if this works...

Just released by Adobe, files are made up to 5x smaller with minimal loss in quality. And it works just like a normal jpg file.

View attachment 1506

Install instructions:
Most people know how to do this so I'm not going to go into it. Also now it may vary with certain ROMs (Like mine, it's completely different) but usually placing the file in data/local or system/media will work. I recommend data/local as to keep your stock boot untouched. Make sure you rename the file so that the "Bionic_" is no longer there and it just reads ""

This has only been tested on an HTC Thunderbolt running Gingeritis 3D.
There is a bionic.ogg. You can find it places you'd find the original Bionic boot.
I can not guarantee it will work on your phone. the Sound does not work on mine.

If this bricks your phone.... there's no way it can brick your phone, the worst case is you'll have a plain black screen for boot.

....but if it does...don't blame me. kthxbye


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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