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Hello all, so this is my very first post and first attempt at making a bootanimation. I saw a video of a bootanim from motorola xoom and i liked it i lot so i tried porting it over. This is my first attempt and if anyone can help me make it better i would appreciate it. Below is the video of the boot anim im trying to port over. you can download the original from the xoom dump which is where i got mine from.

*this is not my video

-Original Xoom Boot Animation
-contents of extracted
-photoshop file of the port


Copy to root of memory card.
Use file manager of choice with root access, backup current bootanimation and replace with this one.
restart phone.

hopefully everything went well.
I am not responsible for any misuse or damages to your phone.

View attachment 2271

desc.txt (please let me know how to make this more efficient)
480 800 14<br />
p 25 0 android<br />
p 200 0 VZW
any feedback is greatly appreciated


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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