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If you run into a bug please post it here. If you find a fix please post it here or in it's own thread.

When using the front facing camera the picture is flipped or mirrored from what is on the screen.
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Did anyone here buy the Car Dock?

I purchased one, and noticed yesterday that when I dock it the phone doesn't go into Car Dock Mode, and I don't even see the app "Car Home" like I had on my Droid X.
I figured out the car dock problem. The phone WILL NOT detect that it is docked if there is no power going to the dock for some strange reason.

Had something weird happen today. Had my phone in my pocket, approximately 40% battery left, and when I took it out of my pocket it was completely off. Tried to power it on but wouldn't turn on. Plugged it to the charger and nothing. Finally decided to pull the battery, it powered right up and still showed about 40% battery life. Not really sure what would have caused it to turn off and not want to turn back on. It's been fine since.
1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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