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If you run into a bug please post it here. If you find a fix please post it here or in it's own thread.

When using the front facing camera the picture is flipped or mirrored from what is on the screen.
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Car dock works great for me. Did you get the Motorola one or one from a third party?
BootAnimator said:
Does anyone, while using wifi, still have the 3G/4G icons displaying?
I remember the DROID X having this issue long time ago. Sometimes it goes off, but mostly it stays on. I cant possibly be syncing that long. Or if anyone remembers the fix on the X? Like deleting a cache or something.
Yeah. I'm having the same problem.. Thought it was just this moto skin.
Screenshot It works for screenshots.. The colors were jacked up until I clicked the "invert colors" box.
1 - 3 of 41 Posts
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