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Build 29 Release notes and changelog [4.0.4 merged!]

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We've merged all the changes from Android 4.0.4 into AOKP. Build 29 is Android 4.0.4 and will be released on a per-device basis for testing purposes. We may not get to all the devices, so just sit tight, everything will be back to normal for build 30!

Change log
  • Updated to Android 4.0.4 (IMM76D)
  • Added Honeycomb lockscreen
  • Mediascanner improvements
  • Lockscreen calendar improvements
  • Probably tons of other stuff I didn't see because of the merge
Issues to expect
  • Custom settings in contact probably don't work
  • Mms AOKP customizations have not returned yet
  • Other undiscovered bugs. Let us know!
Make sure to wipe coming from any build or milestone or other ROM. This is a new version of Android and you can NOT dirty flash this. Wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe.

Gapps - 3/17 - dc560aa235e8dd8cb00df0cefb5abd38

maguro - build 29 - GSM Galaxy Nexus - 696cd052d0fe3d2153fe07f7dd50dd38
toro - build 29 - LTE Galaxy Nexus - e410060f18f7d857ee760c2eee442400
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Did my first root ever today!! Worked without any problems!!!!!

Just have one question.

Does Build 29 include the updated radio roms or do i need to flash those separately?

I grabed it off the link at the beginning of this thread...thought it was the latest.

Where can I find the latest?? for the radios too??

Thanks, 34 looks a lot differant from 29. What happen to the LTE toggle? Whats NOVA launcher?
Now that the offical 4.0.4 is out...which is the better build - M5 or 4.0.4?
Has anyone had any problems with the phone not connecting to your computer via usb since flashing to b35? My phone will only won't usb debug icon...nothing!?!?!?!? Did something get turned off?? I've looked all over the settings and don't see anything that stands out that would cause this.


That was it!!!! You Rock!!!

I knew it was something simple...I was just too simple
too find it!

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