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Just my 2¢ here regarding whether they can tell or not. I'd wager that they don't pull anything really, and as far as if they can, prolly could but couldn't really prove it.

For the most part the only thing that we could and/or do as rooted users that really shows up in their systems on any scale large enough to notice is re-activating our phones. The thing about that tho is it doesn't necessarily go "into" their system, the process of activation basically "pings" their network for lack of a better phrase. Once the ping is returned the phone gets programed more on its own then by verizon.

Now that process does register to their system that it took place. IT can look on your account and see it.... the thing is tho all it shows up as is that you pinged the network for an activation, or update roaming, or etc... it shows the ping and that's it really. Doesn't show from which kernel or baseband to which you go by Id just that it took place. That doesn't show being rooted tho, they prolly know it is in their own mind, but can't prove it by that.... all that "shows" is person doing a full factory reset as far as Verizon goes.

The build.prop could be taken but I doubt it. The build.prop does affect how the phone acts and handles data on the network to a small extent, but more than anything it tells the phone what/how to do as well as information for the marketplace and other Google stuff. There again tho, nothing changes so drastically as to give reason to suspect. Market takes into account lots, sdk version, Id tags, wifi stats, that kind of stuff.

That said tho id think that Google wouldn't dime you out ... that'd be dumb. They dime you out to Verizon.... Verizon would then kick you off worst case.... who ends up loosing just as much? Google would.

PROTIP: That and, well, they actually spell their name Osgoogle, its ummm Dutch and the os is silent, they are tricky like that.

If you really think about it tho, there is stuff we do to make our phones faster, that's for damn sure. But, the only thing that big red could pin point would be massive, inexplicable jumps in data transfer speed or perhaps if somehow you found a way to turn the phone into a blender or some crap. The increases they could trace legitimately and legally that could really nail a person ... well they aren't really so crazy high that it couldn't be explained away with ease by the customer if they did start asking. As far as whether they pull info from our phones, how they do it, and if so what's taken really is moot .... a)illegal on a lot of the stuff theyd want to pull to "prove" b)the fine print parts that allow them to take SOME stuff is innocuous c)plausible deniability is a hell of good tool for the consumer and d) tbh they are the largest cell phone company ATM I believe .... with the crappiest 4g network .... crappiest customer service ... couple other black eyes. Being that way I bet they more worried about that, the increase in labor strikes in all divisions of their company, and like minded issues.... prolly takes precedent over busting a 15-40 yr old for rooting his phone. Doing that in any case would cost them more money and effort then is worth it for something that doesn't affect them at all really. Those rules are there only because a rooted phone means a higher likely hood of user damage to said phone which they end up eating. Also as a possibility of free money (fines etc).... stupid stuff like that.

Don't forget as well the U.S. trademark federal folks took the stance that once the phone is bought, legally its yours as the end-user, and as such, are free to do with as you please. The money the cell phone company has invested was decided to be negligible as its payed back to them with interest and profit over the length of the contract which they felt negated their claim of it being rented property. So really ... the only thing that's wrong with rooting is that it goes against the contract .... but not from it being bad for them per se. But really just because they are cheap. They assume you will break it and they wont know how to fix unofficial firmware/software and therefore be obligated to give you a new phone. I mean think about it, how often do you get a sales Rep or service Rep or even an it Rep that know the phones extremely well. I can count the times I have on one hand (which is good cause I'm a *******. After 10 boots gotta come off ... and trust me them boys don't smell like potpourri ....). 90% you get an individual with above average knowledge on one or two platforms at best. The rest follow premade guided comp programs or flow charts. Once you go to tier 2+ you start to find more but still.

So to sum up everything.... can they practically? No. Can they if they wanted to? Yes. Do they? Maybe, but doubt they would ever admit it. Could easily damage them badly if they didn't do so with velvet gloves. Point is: don't think we have any reason to worry either way.

And sweet baby jeebus I am rambling like a crackhead at the pixie stix factory today (no honest ask bmc lmao). Sorry for my wall of text there .... imma shut up and go back to my corner of the forums and be quiet again before I write a second novel here...lmao. ain't slept for 4 days and worked 75 hrs of em ... guess this is the result lmao.

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