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So here is what happened.

I had a stock 2.3.4 droid 2 global from Verizon with the .629 update.

Used Framaroot to root it.

I used Titanium Backup to backup my contacts being the idiot that I am not realizing that those files wouldn't work. I also thought I had the contacts backed up to google but it seems I didn't.

I flashed over to this custom ROM

LiquidICS v1.6 [unofficial port] - 03/28/13 - Droid 2 Global Development - RootzWiki

Now Titanium Backup isn't letting me restore the contacts that I backed up.

Here are the apps/files I have backed up in Titanium Backup
ContactsData 2.3.4
Contacts Sync 2.3.4
Contacts 4.0.4-e(displayed as contacts 2.3.4 (10) by the actual restore button)

For whatever reason even though I used ClockworkMod to backup my current ROM it isn't in my SD card which really pisses me off because I confirmed it was there before flashing over to liquidics.

If anyone knows either a way to get the contact files from 2.3.4 working with 4.0.4 or knows of a place where I could find just the ROM of the stock 2.3.4 or a different custom ROM that would work with the contact files from 2.3.4 that would be great.

I would prefer not having to go find a flash drive or a CD to use to SBF back to 2.3.4. But if that is my only way to do it I will do so.

So can anyone help me? Searching here only seemed to have a stock of the .608 update(or at least that is what the file itself said. The link in this thread)

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