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"coltzfan said:
Isn't cm4dxgb based on the GB kernel? Ever since I have ran this rom, I always flashed Droid X in CWR not 2nd-init and have had no problems getting to recovery via power button, or thru CWR. the only time I flashed the 2nd-init in CWR is with ones based on the froyo kernel. I have deleted the Droid2 bootstrap as it is not required anymore.
Which version of recovery is it? 2.508 with the green font? And does it work to flash modifications etc?

Of note because of my broken recovery on CM4DX on gingerbread, I recently sbf'd to stock 602 and subsequently to Apex RC3. I normally use Droid 2 bootstrapper, but having gotten used to Rom Manager on 2nd init roms, I flashed the current DX (not 2nd init) which was 50.10. After that I was unable to get into recovery but recovered the ability when they updated the recovery 50.20 so the issue maybe with the newer versions of recovery not the roms. It appears they are attempting to merge regular and 2nd init versions which has led to some bugs. As my experience on Apex shows its not isolated to CM4DX.
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