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I put together a one-click root in CASUAL format. Because it's in CASUAL format, the same Java JAR will work on Windows, Linux and Mac.

This package contains
  • root your device without unlocking/wiping.
  • install busybox without unlocking/wiping.
  • install Clockwork Mod Recovery for GSM or CDMA without unlocking/wiping.

Download and Instructions
CASUAL is easy to use, and fairly self explanitory.
  1. Launch the downloaded application using Java with right-click-open, or from a command line: "java -jar GalaxyNexus.jar"
  2. Select "Galaxy Nexus root"
  3. Click the "Do It' button
  4. Optionally: Repeat the previous step with "Install Busybox" option selected to install Busybox.
  5. Optionally: Select Install Galaxy Nexus CDMA or GSM ClockWork Mod Recovery

Download Galaxy Nexus Root and Busybox
Ensure you have Java Installed on your computer. Do you have java?

Shown on Windows 7 with dropdown shoing available items:

Shown on Ubuntu 12.04, ready to root a Galaxy Nexus:

I am not responsible if *insert random event here* happens..... standard disclaimer.

CASUAL stands for Cross-platform ADB Scripting, Universal Android Loader. You can find the source at

Hope this helps! Please leave feedback.
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