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predator_395 & bassini presents
note.1: If you are CDMA or GSM user write it before comment
note.2:Cdma(Red),Gsm(Yellow)check back side color of phone(to avoid wrong installs)

ask for permission first if you wanna add this mod to your rom

Original thread :click


CDMA/GSM v17.20 With Tweaks/Without Tweaks Sense 3.6/4.0
Thanks for you donations

Donations are greatly appreciated to keep this project going as it is taking a lot more time than expected

Robert Lang 5$ (01.Jul), Ivan Prskalo 2$ (02.Jul), Metin Can 5$ (02.Jul), Paul Vodrazka 5$ (03.Jul)Howard English 10$ (19.July), Davide pace 10$ (19.July), Roberto Villa 20$ (19.July), Sergey Shipelevsky 25$ (22.July)

Fundraiser goal:$110
Where we currently are at: $75 (this will be updated once a day)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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