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changing font on bamf forever 1.6

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I have a question changing my font on the phone. Can it be done on bamf forever 1.6 and how do u recommend I change it.
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I don't know specifically about forever bamf, but soab, touch my Bamf, invigorate, gingeritis and gingeritis 3D I change font using jrummy's font changer or ROM toolbox. I tested the font changer for him, I am not sure if it is still free. The ROM toolbox had a free version but it still changed font, just not a many fonts available. There are others on the market or google font changer apk and that should bring up potential apps you can read about and then find on market.

Matter of fact I an on touch my bamf currently and changed the font, everything changed except the lockscreen text.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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