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Has anyone installed and played with it yet? I'm in the process of installing it in Linux using VirtualBox OSE at the moment and it seems to be based off of SUSE. I'll provide some links for everyone that wants to check it out. (Windows users will have to find their own virtual machine though, maybe VMWare Player?)

To save some CDs
Windows ISO -> USB Drive: Universal USB Installer or UNetbootin
Linux ISO -> USB Drive: Grab UNetbootin from your software center or their website.

The Chrome OS ISO can be downloaded here.

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The links in the OP looks like a Linux distro that is based on chromium. Only google makes Chrome OS as Chrome OS is specific to the chromebooks.

Chromium OS is what you are looking for. As stated in the second post look for vanilla builds by hexxeh.

As far as using it goes. I got a cr-48 to test chrome os and I can say it servers its purpose for me. Its great for when I want to just lay around, relax, and surf the web. Also great for on the go travels as it boots up fast and straight to web browsing.

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I haven't run Chromeos Lime for about 6 months now but when I had it on my HP 210 netbook I was really missing a decent image handler. I prefer irfanview myself for quick and dirty image work.

Cheers, Dan

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hexxeh makes good Chrome OS builds! I've tried it on desktops, laptops, and WiFi and Bluetooth work out of box, which is neat since none of the current Chromebooks have Bluetooth, but yep it works, Magic Mouse and all.

The only problem I had was installing it to a hard drive, certain builds made after March or April 2012 won't install via terminal.
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