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CM10 UNOFFICIAL (BETA) for Droid Razr M (XT907) - Consumer and Developer Edition

Well I have been working since release pretty much on getting this to a semi functional state....So here it is CM10 (4.1.2) for the Droid Razr M. This will work on both the retail consumer edition with SafeStrap3 and on the developer edition with CWM or TWRP recovery.

Thanks as always to:
Hashcode for always answering my questions
DroidTh3ory for getting me into this
Epinter for helping me get the ball rolling and fixing wifi and other things
Google for the source and awesome android
CM for all the mods and code fixes
OK first things first:

SafeStrap Version 3 for Consumer edition can be found here:

Follow the install and use instructions here: http://blog.hash-of-...w-to-safestrap/
Working features:

Data: Should come up in 4G now
Voice Calls: Both speaker phone and handset speaker now
SMS/MMS: You may get random texts from VZWNMN Google for instructions to disable this
WIFI: Working on safestrap as well now thanks to some init*rc magic
Wifi Hotspot: Working
Bluetooth: Appears to work fine tested with headset
Camera: Fully funcitonal
12-5 verion fixed SafeStrapboot
What doesn't work (that I know of):
Wifi direct, NFC
Download link:


All source modifications can be found at:

As always enjoy and have fun!

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Thanks I have tried this also but for some reason when it starts its says failed to load something not sure. Could the reason be I have to wipe data first? I'm running on jelly bean its. Thanks for your time.

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