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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Moderate

Mod Base:: CyanogenMod

Mod Status:: Kang

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Requires Root:: Yes

Android Version:: 2.3.X (GB)

This is a self-kanged CyanogenMod 7.2.0 based on Nightly build with some cherry picks.

Please visit @cmsrc, CM's Gerrit Instance or Nightly Device Changelog for a complete list of merged commits.

following cherries picked by me

If I suddenly drop certain cherry picks, it's because they were abandoned or Sloth ate it.
  • frameworks/base : InputMethodManager : prevent Sym key from displaying the IME picker
  • frameworks/base : Fixed incorrect behaviour when switches to Airplane Mode in keyguard
  • Bluetooth : Send local time, not GMT, in timestamp
  • Bluetooth : Always follow the user's preferred contact display name format when syncing the phonebook
  • Calendar : Allow custom calendar reminder snooze times
  • Camera : Allow focus sound muting
  • Contacts : Added format number option to dialer
  • Contacts : Added individual contact call history and show groups yes/no setting on call log
  • Contacts : Make absolutely sure the keyboard is never shown over the dialer
  • Contacts : Bulgarian T9 and dialer buttons
  • CMParts : Added option to choose overscroll color
  • CMParts : Default volume control media
  • CMParts : Added option to disable volume key beep sounds
  • CMParts : Added option to hide alarm icon in status bar
  • CMParts : Toggling the flashlight from the lock/pattern/sim unlock screens
  • CMParts : Allow using PLMN and SPN text as part of Custom Carrier text
  • FM : Allow tuner to loop from upper back to lower and lower back to upper (frequency)
  • Music : Added option to start playback when A2DP headset gets connected
  • Settings : Added option to hide pattern unlock error
  • Settings : Added option to mute media when silent mode is toggled
  • Settings : Modify Running ProcessView as ics
  • Torch : Cleanup
  • LatinIME : Add ability to use volume rockers as cursor
  • jordan : properly handle /tmp symlink from moto gb init.rc
  • omap3 : Newer kernel ioctl compatibility (2010)
  • ti_wlan : tiap_loader : define a constant for the ap driver status
  • ti_wlan : tiap_loader : fix usage, tiap_cu too
  • bootmenu : reboot : applet for bootmenu standalone version (gb variant)
  • busybox : 1.20.0 squashed commit for gingerbread
  • dnsmasq : Fixed memory leaking
  • oprofile : Fix file descriptor leak in read_num
  • system/core : Fix typo in queue_property_triggers ident
  • system/netd : free memory allocated by strdup
  • dalvik : Basic KSM Support (WIP)
  • dalvik : Don't pay for filename/line number lookup unless you need to
  • dalvik : Don't malloc between fork and exec
  • dalvik : Fix memory leaking in the VM
  • dalvik : Restore fp after calling JNI method in allstubs interpreter
  • dalvik : cleanup redundant interfaces from iftable to avoid excessive LinearAlloc use
  • dalvik : Avoid method overriding if its super method is inaccessible
  • dalvik : Fixing a crash when doing lock profiling
  • bionic : Redesign dlopen() locks to be recursive per thread
  • bionic : Prevent deadlock when using fork
  • bionic : libm : Fixed invalid result of function remquo/remquof
  • bionic : fixed the race condition in dlmalloc_usable_size()
  • bionic : Fix possible file descriptor leaking
  • SpareParts : Fix English summary for haptic feedback
  • SpareParts : Fix summary for compability mode
  • SpareParts : unecessary whitespace cleanup
  • Skanky bootanimation made by @rascarlo
  • Added Ice Cream Sammich font
  • cyanogen : Modify build display id,cmversion and modversion generation
  • Settings : Change to "CyanogenMod version" as ICS
  • bootmenu : Add touch bootmenu created by @M1cha
  • CyanogenDefy Team for Defy+ build
Yup,I wanna brick my jordan or jordan_plus!

All credit goes to cyanogen, #teamdouche and the coders who submit to Gerrit. Thank you to @RyanMacG for providing Euroskank hosting.

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TIPS : If you stuck at bootanimation on the first time booting after flashed skanky jordan,don't worry its normal.just hit POWER BUTTON + VOL UP + VOL DOWN KEY.It force phone reboot and leads to Welcome Screen
ah,It seems also have been had on Nightly build.
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