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locusto03 said:
I've searched for a solution to this throughout the day and haven't been able to find anything. Sorry if it's been addressed before.

As the title says... I'm using CM7 CPU Settings to adjust my minimum CPU frequency to 192. This works fine, but every time I restart the phone, the minimum CPU frequency reverts to 268. I've tried checking and unchecking "Set on boot", but the frequency still resets after reboot.

I've tried clearing the application data of CyanogenMod settings, running fix permissions in ROM Manager, and rebooting the phone. Still doesn't work.

I'd prefer not to use SetCPU if I can avoid it... Has anybody else experienced this problem? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. :smile3:

BTW, if it makes a difference, I'm running CM7 rc1.7, Tiamat 1.1.2 Kernel, the most recent leaked radios, and ViperMod.

Thanks in advance.
Have you tried it without the vipermod?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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