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[CM7] Possible lock screen issue

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Just wanted to see if this was true for anyone else or just me.

When using the standard CM7 lock screen, if my menu button is pushed, it unlocks the device. I was constantly finding my phone unlocked while in my pocket because of this.

I've already looked under Settings --> CyanogenMod Settings --> Lockscreen --> Unlock options and Menu unlock is NOT checked; but appears to be working as though it is anyway. I've tried enabling it, disabling it, etc... still the menu button always unlocks the device.

In the interim, I've just been using WidgetLocker -- but wanted to see if anyone else had the same issue or if something went awry and I should re-flash and start over. I understand it's beta, but haven't seen anyone else comment about this issue nor seen it listed anywhere as a bug to be resolved.

This happened on the original beta release #0 and still occurs on nightly #5.
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same problem here. and i've seen it reported all over the place, so we're not the only ones.
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