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[CM7][Theme Chooser] Ultraviolet v1.0 [hdpi]

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Heres another simple and clean Violet/Black theme to add to the Theme Chooser collection. This theme was only intended to be for my own personal use. After sharing it with a few of my colleagues, I was convinced to share it. Hope you all enjoy.

Team Douche
StuntinX / Acid'sMark

Ultraviolet v1.0

I will keep this theme as updated as possible. I will also post some lockscreen mods and other minor details that cant be themed in theme chooser yet as morphs.

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I typically only wrong black/white or black/red themes but god damn this one is awesome (as well as the others). Its such a well rounded theme with no nonmatching colors from what I have seen. Thanks dude.....keep the great work up
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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