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This is my first theme for cm7..There are so many people to thank..I want to first thank t3project for his work on project bliss and yoe-cu for his iNexus theme. They were my starting point and I added things from there.

I did NOT make any of these images and I do NOT take credit for making any of them. I put this all together for myself and decided to share with everyone else. I like a lot of colors in my themes so hopefully people will like this as much as I do. If I forgot to give you credit for something please PM me and I will take care of it. This theme is mostly based off of yoe-cu's iNexus theme..Many thanks to him..I also want to thank sonnysekhon for helping me out. I also want to thank UOT for the statusbar and battery

Please note this is BETA but I really think you will be impressed..I spent a lot of time on this and still have much to do.

Remember there are some things the them engine can't handle so that may be why they arent themed..For example the lock screen and reboot/power options.

When you apply it, it will say missing assets...Just ignore..

Make sure to reboot phone after applying theme

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SomeGuyDude said:
Not sure what can be done about this, but in GO Launcher the pop-up menu only has half of the icons themed. It's kinda strange.
That's because the ones that are not themed are specific to GoLauncher only. The ones that are themed are standard system menu items

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FYI, he's released a new version: Mixer 7 (HDPI only for now)

His Changelog:
update: 7/26/11 v7
Fixed Go Launcher EX
Finished Tapatalk, XDA Pre and XDA
Changed some icons
Fixed Gmail missing images
Changed Facebook a bit.
Added custom twitter notification icon
Other varius fixes
Maybe fixed browser bookmark tab? Anyone?

update: 7/12/11 v6
Removed Twitter widget (They changed all their text to black..not my fault)
Added Google+ (WIP)
Added more icons
Fixed music widget color
Added Tapatalk Pro

update: 6/28/11 v5
Changed pulldown animation
Changed some more icons..(yes calendar and music)
Fixed keyboard text
Probably other things I forgot..Work is crazy today..
update: 6/16/11 v4
Adjusted FB Notification bar.
Changed some menu images
Changed popup menu
Added Fedes Musicapp Alpha
Changed some icons
Changed slider images and progress bars
Added animated status bar pulldown (you will need to have this built into your system files..If you do then you'll get a custom animation with the theme. The easiest way to add this would be to use the UOT Kitchen)
update: 6/9/11 v3
Changed FB and twitter widget background darker
New animated Music and alarm notifications (dustinb17)
Made Music widget transparent again
Transparent Market!
Added incoming call accept/decline icons
Added Timberwolf671's awesome keyboard
update: 5/30/11 v2
New signal wimax images
New keyboard images
Various other new images
Updated music images
Added Facebook (WIP)
Added Go LauncherEX (WIP)
Added Google Carhome
I'm sure I forgot stuff to mention
update: 5/7/11 v1
Finally fixed the dialer bugs!
Finally finished theming browser, calculator, calendar and gmail
Changed more images out.
Fixed 4g icons for GSM and CDMA
Added ic_menu icons to MM file in 2nd post. This should theme many app buttons cause most use those as default.
update: 5/3/11 v.09
Added midnight color to go better with overall theme.
New icons and other small graphics.
Added a MDPI version but preview doesn't work.(2nd post)
update: 5/1/11 v.08
Got rid of v07 I had some old images in it and a few errors..
Got most of the market working except for that damn green banner :mad:
Hopefully fixed choppy fade animations
New upload/download images
New custom email/gmail notifications
Changed some more images
Added some more apps
Added green/red call backgrounds for end beginnging calls
Fixed small errors here and there for images
update: 4/18/11 v.06
Custom notifications for gosms/youmail/dropbox/k9/talk/gps on/gmail/gvoice/
New download images
Fixed gesture popup window in LauncherPro
Removed app drawer images from ADW
Removed unneeded images from both ADW and LP
Android unknown phone images
XDA app support
Random things I forgot along the way.
update: 4/16/11 v.05
All fading notification icons redone custom for Mixer by dustinb17
New fading icons for gmail/email/sms/voice mail/handcent/google voice/missed call/youmail..
Hopefully fixed this installing on a MDPI device? Someone let me know
update: 4/12/11 v.04
Changed statusbar pulldown
update: 4/9/11 v.03
Added blink sms/gmail/missed call notification.
Added and swapped more images.
Narrow dialer fix.
Fixed lock screen addon to work with metamorph.
update: 4/4/11 v.02
Fixed preview image..It doesn't fit right even though its the right size but it shows up damn it!
update: 4/3/11
Added flip transitions..(theme engine will only do status bar animations (when you will get new notification/open-close) and when you will go to system > apps > manage apps (the list) will refresh using new animation.)
Changed that ugly volume slider etc
added more icons
added version number so i don't get lost..
I know I fixed and added some stuff
update: 4/2/11
Added all camera and music images.
Changed statusbar pulldown footer
Added settings icon support for Ultimate Droid,SalvagedMod,Savaged
I dunno I'm sure I fixed something else.
Oh got rid of unneeded stuff in lock screen addon
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