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[CM7 THEME] FINAL- A Simple Red Theme + Wallpapers App!

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A simple red theme for devices running T-Mobile Theme Engine (CM7, OMFGB, OMGB,Most new AOSP ROMs have it theses days)

PLEASE NOTE: Final builds wont come as often as beta builds, but will still be updated with new features

TEST BUILDS AND SOURCE: Want to make your own theme but need somewhere to start, or would like to get the latest private test builds of SimpleRed? Check out my project on google code, where you can get the latest private test builds, and the source of SimpleRed!

Download Here:

THANKS TO SYNIK4L For hosting us!


CURRENT BUILD: Final Build 1

BUILD 1 CHANGES: Changed some xml, and package names, final release

HOW TO: Download the apk file, Install it, Open theme chooser, select RedTheme, Apply, Reboot.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: djdarkknight96, Trenton, Dewguzzler djrausch. Thanks for the help!:grin3:

Another note: SimpleYellow is now being completely rebuilt.

Wallpaper App:
djrausch was kind enough to put together a wallpaper application for SimpleRed!
New: -Fixed a memory leak
-App prefers external installation
-Added 7 wallpapers
Download the app here:

If you have any questions, or feature requests, post in the thread or shoot me a email here: [email protected]
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Anyone tried this with Liberty's "Justice Tom"?
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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