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*************** WARNING ***************

This theme is for HDPI phones ONLY!! If you have an MDPI phone you will get an error stating the theme is compiled incorrectly!!! This does NOT mean the theme is not correct IT MEANS you do NOT have a HDPI phone but an MDPI phone!!! We have not decided if or when we will add MDPI to the list as it's ALOT of of icons to do and xmls to edit along with what is already there. We apologize for any inconvenience to any users who need this :-(

- StyGian Studios

V 1.1.1

Added Handcent
Minor fixes in camera
Minor fixes in Gtalk
Removed themed market and reverted to stock

*** Upcoming ***

Fully themed market
Minor fixes/tweaks

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Make StyGian Blue Mist REALL ROCK with our StyGian Blue ADW Theme: Here

Donate Version HERE

Free Verison HERE

Please feel free to visit our website for questions or concerns, otherwise like always please rate and comment whether you like it or not :) This helps all developers to make better themes for YOU the users!!



44 Posts
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"BurnOne said:
Your welcome

Are you guys gonna make any morphs for these themes? I actually use some from other themes that match up well but was hoping you guys would since it would probably be better :)
We're not sure yet. LoL had a few asking about it, but we both pretty swamped as it is, and I for one don't know much about morphs :-(
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