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CM7A 3.5 not supporting WEP? can anyone confirm or deny this?

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SO I just purchased a touchpad (been waiting forever!!) and I read somewhere that 3.5 update of the CM7A does not support WEP wifi security...

This would suck hardcore if it is true.. . can anyone confirm or deny this? any solutions if it is true?

Hit me up via twitter or leave a comment to help... thanks Much!!!

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Ooooh, My brain hurts, I can see all of the possible problems that might happen... oh well, I think its worth the risk.

Where by chance,can I find the latest Xron rom and the right novacom drivers?

EDIT: I found the Xronified files lol, I apologize, I should probably do some looking around before I start asking such simple questions.

Now I am wanting the Xronified version B2.8? you suggested 2.7? also,

do I need any of the files starting with CM_7.1 from here?

sorry, lots o questions, I do hope we can figure this out simple and quickly.


Follow instructions of cm7 readme. Put cwmrecovery in cminstall folder... install cm7, let it boot.. downlpad xron or whatever that rom name is. Drop it on ur touchpad.. then boot in recovery and flash xron in recovery... make sure u wipe data
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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