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CM9-RC0-UNOFFICIAL (as it gets) - GT-P3113

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Ok guys, been working hard on a device tree for CM on the Galaxy Tab 2. Some people want to throw in some help so I thought I'd throw this out there to see where we are all at. Few notes first.

Disclaimer: RootzWiki, CyanogenMod, nor I are responsible for anything that happens to your device or data as a result of flashing this ROM. You have already voided your warranty by rooting the device. Please take caution and if you are unsure about anything do not flash this.

Second Note: I am not affiliated with CyanogenMod in any way, I am not part of the team nor have been tasked with creating a device tree for this tab. It's just what source I have chosen to build on. Please do not complain to the CyanogenMod team about any bugs, problems, etc with this build as they did not build it.

Ok details now.

Changelog for build 4:
-----Fixed FC in Storage settings
-----hopefully other weird layout issues taken care of. Don't ask me what this is I don't know.
-----symlinked /mnt/extSdCard to /extSdCard for easier access
-----Fixed streaming content in browser not playing in video player where it's supported

-----Reverted to 1.0 GHz for the included kernel (OC zip coming soom)
-----Updated kernel to 3.0.31 (latest 3.0.y)
-----Merged in some interactive scheduler upgrades

Changelog for build 3:
-----Off-mode charging animation fixed
-----Audio capture (camcorder/voice commands/chat) fixed
-----MTP/PTP fixed (file transfer) note: not Kies, Kies has no idea what this is anymore.
-----Fixed up some display wrongdoings
-----Fixed up some stagefright wierdness

-----Updated to official kernel sources
-----Reverted back to stock PVR libs
-----Re-overclocked to 1.2 GHz
-----Changed I/O scheduler to deadline
-----DVFS Optimized

What's not working:
--Flash inop
--Bluetooth Bluetooth actually works for connecting and data transfer..will not work for audio as I haven't gotten there yet.
--Chrome Beta not working yet

There are more but those are the bigger bugs that I plan on tackling first. Please let me remind you again, this is not what I would even call Alpha, if you want to play...then play. If you want to help...then help. If any of the bugs I listed are deal breakers then don't flash.

CyanogenMod source synced as of 05/08 10am.
Kernel source available at

Downloads: --- new build as of 1229am cst - Includes OC/UV kernel at 1.2GHz with 384 MHz GPU OC --- new build as of 05/13/12 613pm cst - Includes OC/UV kernel at 1.2 with 384 MHz GPU OC --- new build as of 05/14/12 955pm cst (read notes above)

gapps for build


I will be updating this as I go. Have fun yall. Follow @xoomdev for updates.
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I can't wait to try this when I get home.
Do yourselves a favor and buy Thumb Keyboard. It is just perfect.


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Does it support Dvorak?
No clue, English speaking person over here. You could email them and ask?
I know this must sound irritating but I could really use that kernel zip haha, I wanna check out aokp again but not without my beloved over clock
. Just a reply would be great thanks. :)
Sounds eeriely like an OTA of sorts...

Just relax buddy and be happy that you have two of the best ROMs on android at your disposal!
when would google chrome be working?
When we have full hardware acceleration.
Seems awful quite around here. Any progress on hw accel?
I have a gut feeling that when any of our devs find hwaccel then we will be the first to know. There are other ways you can snoop around though. You can look at xoomdev's github and check the changes, but that can be tiresome. Your other option is to follow him on twitter, he does post about progress on there.
Anyone else experiencing issues with touches not being responsive here and there? Sometimes I'll be using an app (like Netflix or browser) and I'll have to rotate the screen the other way and then back in order to get the device to respond to my touch. It's very rare that a good screen rotate doesn't fix the issue but I've had that happen a couple of times as well.

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I've had this issue before, but I always assumed it was me getting old. TAKE THAT AGE!
Go pull from Xoomdevs gerrit and build it yourself. Lol. He will make it whenever he feels like it, which is all we can ask for.
+1 to this! It seems like the days of not asking about ETA's or progress have long gone.
This is excellent, but I noticed the "Google" text disappears whenever I rotate from portrait into landscape.
That is normal, so nothing to worry about.
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