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Hey everyone,

Here are the conservative, interactive, interactiveX, and Smartass V2 CPU governors packaged with init.d scripts in a flashable zip.


Conservative: HERE
Interactive: HERE
InteractiveX: HERE
Smartass V2: HERE

*** DO NOT FLASH BOTH Interactive AND InteractiveX ON THE SAME SYSTEM AS ONLY ONE CAN BE LOADED. I recommend InteractiveX since it saves more battery by scaling down the CPU when screen is off.
***** The governor module will be loaded on boot but the governor itself will NOT be set as default. Please download CPU Tuner from the android market to set the default governor on boot.
*** For users running Apex and stock which does't support init.d script, please download Script Manager from the Android Market and select the script at /etc/init.d/04cpu_<<Governor Name>>. Enable root and boot and then save.

Conservative governor tweaks applied (values by BMc08GT):
1. down threshold changed from 20 to 40
2. frequency step changed from 5 to 16
3. ignore nice load enabled
4. sampling rate changed from I can't remember to 160000
#. Set as default on boot

Conservative: Instead of ramping the CPU up to MAX speed every time, it increases or decreases the frequency one step at a time as needed and therefore saving battery.

Interactive: Focuses more on performance and UI smoothness than Conservative. Therefore more power hungry.
- Instead of sampling the cpu at a specified rate, it will scale the cpu frequency up when coming
out of idle. When the cpu comes out of idle, a timer is configured to fire
within 1-2 ticks. If the cpu is 100% busy from exiting idle to when the timer
fires then we assume the cpu is underpowered and ramp to MAX speed.

If the cpu was not 100% busy, then the governor evaluates the cpu load over the
last 'min_sample_rate' (default 50000 uS) to determine the cpu speed to ramp down

InteractiveX: By Imoseyon, it is very similar to the interactive governor except that it will scale the cpu down to 300mhz when the screen is off (like smartass).

Thanks to nadlabak, Imoseyon, and FirstEncounter for the governor modules, Bikedude for his smartass V1 zip as a template, and Windows for being so development-unfriendly

Flash via CWM and enjoy the performance improvements or the battery savings!

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MrB206 said:
*edit* nevermind, I found it under cpu settings in Liquid settings (I'm running Liquid 3.2)

How does this conserve battery? I'm still a bit of a noob.
Conservative governor changes the cpu frenquency up and down one step at a time as needed instead of ramping it to max and then step it down slowly like ondemand. That's why the min and the max is the most used by far in ondemand.

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localhost / # busybox grep nr_running /proc/kallsyms
c005e844 T nr_running


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Any report on how conservative works compared to smartass? I'm really interested in trying this!
Im interested as well, I'm running smartass with Angel's with QuickClock Advanced, Do you foresee any issues and benefits using the conservative with the I wish I knew exactly what it did so I could answer this question myself unfortunitly I just go off what others say is best and put my faith "and device" in you awesome Dev's hands :)
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