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I received this fascinate from at the Big Android BBQ. I don't need it.

This device has UnBrickable Mod applied to it. It can handle any firmware which you apply to the device. It cannot be bricked under any circumstances. You can always resurrect it with software. The device has a cracked screen, but it is fully operational.

So, here's the contest rules:

1. Simply post up what you would do with this device and if you have the best project, you get the device.
2. There are no other rules. Just state what you would develop on this device and its yours.

This contest will end on October 31. This contest is also being run on

34 Posts
These are the finalists. I my picks were based on who could use an UnBrickable Device most. I will have other developers in chat rooms narrow down from the finalists.

simone201;18170678 said:
This is what i will do, as a dev:
1) Build my own u-boot (and try to make it running)
2) Update the whole kernel source of SGS/Fascinate to the newest 3.1 (still in RC)
3) Build Debian + 3.1 Linux kernel to run natively under our devices (sgs/fascinate)
4) Do some experiments about debugging with Arduino as output processing system
I have just bought a new arduino, so i think is time to start real development!!
Thanks in advance Adam!
Further the Glitch kernel on that device by:
Eliminating bluetooth echo
Work on keyboard pop-up in low signal areas
Further improve in-call audio tweaks that we have already starte
Further tweak voltages to allow more devices to overclock.
Have it open for whatever wierd stuff people want to try (like booting WP7 or Nexus S Bootloaders)[/QUOTE]

The winner will be announced tonight.

sixstrngsg won the device!
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