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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Requires Root:: Yes


CyanogenMOD 7.2 [Gingerbread 2.3.7] for the HTC Eris

Thanks to...
Conap - for being one of the best people I know on the internet, and a great Mentor. You're the best, man!
Cyanogen & Team Douche - for all the hours of awesome work they do
gnarlyc - for helping pin down the camera and gps issue
The Hero Crowd - for doing awesome dev work that has helped us eris devs greatly
bftb0 - for the Undead call Fix Script
MOS95B - for the awesome file hosting server
Tazz - for the tiny gapps package
CondemnedSoul - for the qcom lib & Maps 5.2
MongooseHelix - for deving and sharing with me, awesome guy.
zach.xtr - for the great Cache2Cache Script
sonnysekhon & boykioy - for the ICS theming
HaRdC0r3 - for loads of tweaks
Anyone that has donated! - I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

|| Android Gingerbread 2.3.7 - CyanogenMOD 7.2
|| Sync'd with CM7 source & compiled on 03-24-2012
|| Conap's Unreleased CFS Kernel clocked @ max:604mhz - min:245mhz Governor: ondemand (try smartass gov for better batt life)
|| Undead Call Fix by bftb0
|| GO-LauncherEX
|| Odexed!
|| Bootanimation Credit: Adam2010
As everyone should know...
always nandroid backup before flashing anything...
and know what you're doing...
dev's are not responsible for your actions...

Instructions ...
|| Boot in recovery...
|| Do a full wipe of data+dalvik...
|| Flash GSB...
|| REBOOT...
|| let phone settle for a bit, come back and setup...

Yell out in joy, that our End of Life Eris has GB on it!


Gallery3D was removed in 4.5-Final because the ICS rotations added to the cm repos borked it.
Please download & install QuickPic after flash if you want to view pictures.

Do NOT flash gapps: it will remove Maps 5.2 and then you're on your own if the new Maps gives you problems.
Google Search icon is missing: just apply the "ice cream san" theme in the app drawer.


GSB v4.5-Final CM7.2

||| Downloads: ODEXED - md5sum
||| Mirror: >> <<

WALLPAPER - should already be on your sdcard in GSB-Extras/wallpaper.

Please donate something if you like my efforts. I truly appreciate it!

You can follow me on twitter @w0rkshed


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  • This will be my final release for this phone. It's been fun!
  • Sync'd with cm repos and freshly compiled
  • REMOVED the 3Dgallery: the ICS rotations borked it, download and install QuickPic
  • added all the ring lock styles
  • added disable scrolling-cache
  • added custom carrier label
  • added ICS transitions
  • added improved scrolling cache [ported from ICS]
  • made the ICS theme default upon initial flash
  • updated vending to Google Play
  • too much to list everything, check the cm nightly changelog for full details...
v4.4 Fixes/Changes
  • Bumped to RC1
  • Chinese characters should be fixed
  • Cleaned up framework
  • Updated some apps
v4.3 Fixes/Changes
  • Bumped to CM7.2.0-RC0
  • Recompiled CFS Kernel: added tun.ko & cifs.ko modules (both confirmed working)
  • Fixed Minimal Lockscreen Style
  • Quicker screen off animation (reboot phone after initial setup)
  • Overall smaller footprint
v4.2 Fixes/Changes
  • No more LauncherPro: Until Fede updates LP, I am going with Go-launcher as stock. I'm sorry if this disappoints anyone.
  • Theme packages are on sdcard in "GSB-Extras" you must install them and then apply them both (1 is for the t-mobile ThemeChooser and 1 is for go-launcher)
  • Added Maps 5.2 to ROM: UPDATE AT YOUR OWN RISK, you could lose Maps function with newer updates.
  • Hard themed the lockscreen to look ICS-ish. NOTE: Phone slide lock has a white circle around it, I know, but I kind of like it
  • All theme credits besides the lockscreen jog dials (me) go to sonnysekhon & boykioy
  • Turned down max cpu to 604 - removed hardcoded mem values and turned off compcache & jit since it was causing some problems. You can always re-enable them.
  • Removed: CMwallpapers, CM themes & Rom Manager
  • Added Honeycomb lockscreen clock font & ICS Roboto font
v4.1 Fixes/Changes
  • out of RC phase
  • updated mainline to android 2.3.7
  • now set by default: compcache=18% Jit=On VM heap size=48m NOTE: you can turn these off in cyanogen mod settings if you experience slowdowns
  • rotation to landscape fixed: changed the libGLES_qcom in source to build working, thanks to CS for pointing it out in his fix.
  • yes, no ring lag script is still in there
v4.0 Fixes/Changes
  • Fixed built in CM screenshot (hold power key and select in menu)
  • Updated fingerprint to 2.3.5
  • Added the no_ring_lag script, thanks computerfreek and klobkelosh (EDIT: ODEX version doesn't have the no_ring_lag script, you can install it on your own and test if you'd like.)
  • Still have home screen redraws after reboot, that so called "fix" isn't working, just use Zeps V6 script -
  • Here are all the official CM changes since GSB 3.8 - http://review.cyanog...atus:merged,n,z

Archived Fixes/Changes

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Extra Downloads! - Provided by: MOS95b

These are all .apks and will need to go in system/app
Use a file explorer with su permissions or adb
Or just place them on your sdcard and press to install

Since I removed CM7 Themes: Androidian & Cyanbread
I made flashable zip's so you can have them back if you want.
ROM Archives! - Provided by: MOS95b
NOTE: No support for these, they're retired...

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Discussion Starter · #9 ·
luniz7 said:
I don't know of you but this runs great on the Eris. I sold my thunderbolt to fund my galaxy nexus purchase so I'm on my Eris until the nexus is released. Thanks for the work!
Hey thanks. I've been around quite awhile on XDA Eris forums, check it out :)

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Discussion Starter · #11 ·
Oh I know what XDA is, I'm far from a newbie. Just new with the Eris lol. Dont like it, slow and old nowdays but your rom gets me by til the nexus drops haha
I wasn't implying you were a n00b or new to XDA. Glad it's working out for you

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Discussion Starter · #12 ·
I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all the GSB users out there.
You made it more popular than I ever thought it would be, which made it more fun, too.
Still more to come, just wanted to show my gratitude.

Have a great day everyone

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Oh I know what XDA is, I'm far from a newbie. Just new with the Eris lol. Dont like it, slow and old nowdays but your rom gets me by til the nexus drops haha
Hehe, you don't know workshed? He's the dev that single handedly brought CM to the Eris and is now still the official maintainer for the device.

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wildstang83 said:
Hehe, you don't know workshed? He's the dev that single handedly brought CM to the Eris and is now still the official maintainer for the device.
Just never had a Eris until 2 Weeks ago lol. Never had a reason to visit the Eris forums before.

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Discussion Starter · #16 ·
Hey Shed, Nice to see you again.. Your rom looks great. i dont have any eris phones anymore but this would definitely be on it...
Nice to see you too. Thanks, just trying to support what I can still support

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Ok, so now I went and made more work for myself lol...

So from now on, the SMALL version of GSB will be the small, stripped version (no cm themes, wallpapers or rommanager)
The FULL version will be exactly that, a full CM build with all the fixins

I can't make everyone happy, so I thought this would be the closest thing.

All users needing languages other than en_US en_GB fr_FR it_IT de_DE es_ES will need to use the FULL version of GSB


GSB v4.3 - CM7.2.0-RC0

||| Full Version: ODEXED - md5sum | NON-ODEXED - md5sum
||| Small Version: ODEXED - md5sum | NON-ODEXED - md5sum

A dalvik wipe should do the trick, if not, full wipes

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I have a t-bolt rom, but never released because there are so many roms for it already, I didn't want to add to the hectic clutter in the forums.

I want you to, I will moderate it with a swift backhand. AOSP niceties?
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