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Custom Droid X/2 Boot Logos - Library

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Hi all, I'm using this thread as a library of finished boot logos. These were all done by request, by myself and several others at droidforums. If you find a bad download link, or the wrong logo is installed, please pm me, I will fix it the first chance I get.

To install, simply install from zip in clockwork. These are for Droid X and Droid 2/D2G/R2D2 ONLY!! Do not use on any other device!

The previews shown are the maximum size of the logo, but the background color will fill the screen on the phone.

If you have a request for a custom logo, check my request thread here.


For those of you who like doing things the easy way, check out Boot Logo Manager by bentotbox on the Android Market, just $0.99 and updated regularly with logos from this thread.

UPDATE (9/4/11): Added 90 new logos

UPDATE (8/26/11): Thread revamped; Fixed broken image links, no more megaupload links (yay), and generally cleaned up a little. All files are now ftp hosted for faster downloading
Oh yeah, and added about 30 new logos. Unfortunately, they are mixed in with the rest, but from here on out, all new logos will be added to the end of the thread.

NEXT PROJECT: Conversion of all logos to Droid Pro format (hence the more specific download links now)
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Thanks for all of this!
Hey man, I have an idea for a boot logo for blue bread... I was wondering if you guys actually draw the logos or if make it and send it to you and you mod it for the actual boot logo? I'm not home til sunday so I can't work on it until then.
Pm me please.

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