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Like the title says this is just CWM 5 packaged for hboot. I repurposed it because I couldn't flash through RM nor force through adb or terminal for some reason.

MD5: 9a998f554793fc7f4e1a3c9857c702e6

As always:
* Rename to & flash in hboot
* Have a good charge
*** Never battery pull if you think you managed to **** this up

Please do not bother spreading 3.0.x fable in this thread. We know you just like orange.

Credit goes to Koushik Dutta

Updated to on 9/2/11
Updated to on 9/5/11

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Anyone having issues running fix permissions in ROM Manager? It works in recovery but in ROM Manager it gives funny results.

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Definitely no problems with it so far, and I love the new color. :)
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