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Well, I believe Samsung won't be able to break the truce between them and the network operators. By allowing a mod, Samsung themselves will have to provide official support to the devices and get numerous clearances to ensure that ROM is fine and won't hamper the operator's process in anyway. Loads of legal and technical turmoil, I presume. However, there's one thing that Samsung can possible do is provide the operator specific modem firmware for the respective mods (Read: ROMS) and let them be unchanged. That means a ROM developer has a ROM then all he would need to do is X+Modem firmware for final built of ROM. That way, ROM dev won't have to worry about the operator specific modem settings and samsung wont have to worry about messed up modem module in devices.

(do note that I am not a dev. but my intentions are to keep things smoother and win-win for all)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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