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CyanogenMod - CM7 nightlies for Optimus3D and Thrill

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CyanogenMod is a free, community built distribution of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone.

CM7 automated daily builds (nightlies) for the LGE Optimus 3D are available from the CM download mirrors (

This is not LG's software, it's not based on it, nor is it compatible with it. Applications that require LG's proprietary Real3D framework will NOT work.

Important note: Starting with SK3 (and every future build coming out of CM), the system is now configured to work with the v21a radio. It will not work with the older (Froyo) basebands, and it will not work on the Thrill. Thrill users (or users of the O3D with the 2.2 baseband) should use the second link at the bottom of this post.

#include<br />
/*<br />
* Your warranty is now void.<br />
*<br />
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,<br />
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please<br />
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM<br />
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if<br />
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.<br />
Visit the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes and features!

All source code is available at the CyanogenMod Github

If you'd like to to contribute to CyanogenMod, checkout our Gerrit instance (howto).

- First time flashing CM 7 to your Optimus 3D (or coming from another ROM)?
1. Root your device
2. Install ROM Manager (search the market for it, no need to use the Premium version), and from there install ClockworkMod Recovery
3. Do a Nandroid backup! I'm serious. Backup!
4. WIPE (wipe data/factory reset + wipe cache partition)
5. Download the ROM into your SD Card
6. Install the ROM with the "Install ROM From SD Card" menu option.
7. Optionally install the Google Addon

- Was it a hard reboot? Go into recovery and dump the "/proc/last_kmsg" file.
- Was it a soft reboot or a "boot loop"? Run "adb logcat" and get send the full output.
- Pastebin links preferred

Please visit the CyanogenMod Wiki for step-by-step installation walkthroughs and tons of other useful information.

Google Addon: 20110828 Universal

Known issues
  1. HDMI is broken
  2. Wireless Tethering works, but fails to stop. You'll have to reboot the phone after use

CM7 nightlies for the Optimus3D (Gingerbread radio) can be downloaded from
CM7 nightlies for the Thrill can be downloaded from
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Muchas gracias Cyanogenmod. Hablas español verdad? Voy a echarle un vistazo. Muchas gracias.
Thanks Ricardo for your time and effort this ROM is very smooth. Can I ask if you are aware of any issues with viewing SIM contacts, I am new to Cyanogen and most likely I am doing something stupid but I cant see SIM contacts and when I attempt to import contacts from SIM there are none displayed.
"kidkoala_uk said:
Thanks Ricardo for your time and effort this ROM is very smooth. Can I ask if you are aware of any issues with viewing SIM contacts, I am new to Cyanogen and most likely I am doing something stupid but I cant see SIM contacts and when I attempt to import contacts from SIM there are none displayed.
I haven't tried, but it's possible. LG's radio interface is different from standard, and it might need some conversion there
How is it going Ricardo ? Will you have fresh news soon for our Optimus 3D ? I hope the delay of Ice Cream presentation don't delay Ginger Bread too :-( Thanks for your time and just wanted to cheer you and your team up for keeping the good work you're doing.
hola desde sevilla (españa)
vamos a probar esta rom y a ver como va.gracias por los trabajos que haceis los cocineros,sin vosotros esto no seria nada
I was asking myself how was going your developpement,

I'm very interested at having cyanogen on my O3D but I was wondering.

Is there a way to keep my 3d ans lg apps when upgrading, and (i guess so) are you planning onto correcting the hdmi / 3d bug?

also will all cyanogen languages be supported?
Not many posts in here... so here goes mine:

Bugs i found in this release:

1. Volume very low! What i liked about the 3D is that it had a decent Speaker compared to HTC Phones. But with this release it's like having an HTC again :/
2. Massive Battery Drain. 60% in 8 hours Standby (Screen turned off) tried downclocking with CPUSet when off = No use. + Very slow charging(draining more than charging when screen on).
3. Doesn't seem like USB Connectivity to Windows is fixed at least for me.
4. (Could be only me) Notification boxes look messy.
5. Camera quality is worse?
6. Random reboots/crashes.

Other than that, it's fast and i love it! But definitely NOT ready for every day use. Personally, don't care too much about the 3D functionality. Keep up the good work in fixing those bugs!
anyone else having problems initiating wifi? When I try to turn it on it says "Error".

- LG Thrill 4G

EDIT: Whops, stupid me, forgot to restart the phone haha...wifi works fine.

Another problem I'm having is the media process ( keeps crashing. It does it once when the phone first starts up and again when I try editing my photos to be made my wallpaper.

Spoke a little too soon about flawless wifi. It seems a bit buggy. Won't automatically connect to a saved network when it comes within range - it attempts to, but keeps disconnecting and will often loose the network. Seems like a radio issue.

The stock camera app is a bit buggy, so i just replaced with one from the market.

Other than the force close and wifi issues this rom is really showing potential for cyanogenmod, can't wait for the beta to be released, keep up the good work!!
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Ok, I can't figure out how to install this onto my phone... I've downloaded the SelfKANG2 at the bottom of the screen, and put the folder on my SD Card, But when I go to install it from my SD card on RomManager it just keeps going further and further into the folders? What am I doing wrong? Sorry, I'm kinda rubbish at this stuff. This is my first Droid actually lol and yes I have it rooted and everything.
Well, as long as you have rooted and installed CWM, you should be able to manually reboot into recovery by holding vol-down+3D and press power. Then use CWM to install. ;-)
Loving this Tom (despite missing 3d)! Crazy fast. Might need a bit of work on frequency scaling as it seems to be at 1008mhz or 300mhz only, but overall a fantastic port. Now my one issue. Front camera is upside-down in everything. Easy fix? On p925.
Arcee, GREAT work on this ROM. I am running on a P925 and it's very snappy and responsive.

I have run across a few issues that I thought I'd put out there for consideration:

"Internal Storage" is seperated from "emmc", which has given me headaches when installing apps. It's relatively simple to just move the apps over to my large SD card, but I have noticed that once the internal storage has filled up, it takes a reboot to clear it up, even after moving items off onto SD storage.

Bluetooth audio for media is not working correctly over A2DP. I am using motorola S305 headphones. My phone sees them and pairs up with them just fine, and I can use them as a headset for placing calls. The transport controls on them work for operating media player applications, but I do not get any audio. The applications play, but no audio is sent through. I will be trying shortly with another set of bluetooth A2DP headphones (once they charge up).

The button on a wired stereo headset that I use is not functional. The earbuds and microphone work as expected, but I am unable to use the inline button to answer calls, pause music or skip tracks.

I am seeing the same behavior that lastdeadmouse above is seeing for CPU throttling. My P925 spends all of its time at 1008mhz or in deep sleep. I am looking into moving in other throttling profiles such as "smartypantsv2" to address this. (Just read up on the governors, which are part of the kernel. Looks like I will wait until the code has been opened to add the smartypantsv2 governor to the kernel)

Grand Theft Auto III from google's market (released yesterday) stalls at a blank black screen for me. Odd behavior for sure.

I also notice that quality of the images captured with the camera does not fully match what was achieved by the stock ROM. I will also investigate using a third party camera app to resolve that.

I am very inexperienced in working with android, but I would like to try to contribute by supplying any diagnostic and debugging information that might be helpful for any of the issues above. Please let me know what information to capture that might help your development effort (hopefully with well selected phrases that I can search to find out how to accomplish gathering that information for you).

Again, thank you for your hard work. I'm very excited about having CM7 on this phone, and even more excited about CM9 coming soon!

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Does anyone know if there is a workaround for windows not detecting the phone over usb? Still a problem with SK4 unfortunately..
after install, all was well until one day later, the /data folder has a log file that has grown to 682Mb. Just a txt file, so I tried deleting, and immediately lost the launcher and add widget functionality. backed up to 6 hours after my rom install, and the file is small. its 10 hours later and the file is back.

Is there any way to manage this through the OS, or to delete it without the OS wigging out on me?

btw, the date on the log file is the 18th, and the file grew in size by about 600Mb in the past 10 hours. i need root to even see it (im using DiskUsage app).

Anyone else having this problem?

Im using SelfKang4 for the thrill 4g on the 4g.

Thanks to all, and thanks to Ricardo for an amazing ROM.
btw, the date on the log file is the 18th, and the file grew in size by about 600Mb in the past 10 hours. i need root to even see it (im using DiskUsage app).
Hrm... Which file is it?
my apologies -- i did not understand how to read the block diagrams in DiskUsage -- i exported the file paths and the log is actually in /data/gps/log

and i do use nav a lot, but it shouldnt have any bearing on the os. so why did deleting this take out my launcher and my add widget? was it a coincidence?

there are four other log files in the directory that are in the 10 or so mb range, but none as large as the aforementioned file.


just to clarify, the monster file is actually /data/gps/log/gl-2011-12-18-200810.txt, not /data/gl-2011-12-18-200810.txt

i assume its just time stamped map/nav data

im gonna uninstall, reinstall maps and transfer to my external card and see if it runs up the log file again.
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ok it has nothing to do with maps. deleted maps and the data is still there. it has to be tied into the native android gps module in the OS. is there a way to turn gps-tracking off? would turning off geo-tagging in photos do it, perhaps?

any ideas are welcome, because my 1gb internal memory is being eaten up after about 1 day and then the whole OS starts to act strange because of memory issues.
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