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CarbonRom is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. The team is composed of former members of Team Liquid who have forked the code in an attempt to bring greater speed, better coding, and full authorship to code. We are in no way affiliated with Liquid0624. The rom was forked at Liquid beta 3.2.1 and has since undergone major code changes and modifications. Please note that on some devices the kernel is not yet linaro compiled.

We are dedicated to fast, stable, and feature-filled roms, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code. We like frequent builds, with the very latest and greatest hardware support and fixes. We strive to not only provide you with the best rom we can build, but also to give back to the Android community and our fellow developers. For us, this is about creating something we can be proud of and hope you will enjoy.

Please feel free to look at, build, and use our code on CarbonDev GitHub.

We would like to thank CyanogenMod for their device trees, framework/settings mods and their code that was incorporated into this project. We also extend our gratitude to the devs whose code that we have incorporated. Proper authorship has been maintained and can be viewed on our repository.

Special thanks also go to Slim Rom for some of their features, PA, AOKP, and anyone else we may have borrowed commits from that hasn't been mentioned here. If you feel you have been unfairly left out, please - let us know.

While we make every effort to test these builds as much as possible, we are not responsible for anything that may happen to your device, family, pets, or perception of reality. We ask that you do your part to know your device and know how to recover from problems before you flash! If you have questions, ask your fellow users or ask us in #teamcarbon on freenode IRC.


Carbon Updates:

Join us on these Social Media Channels to keep yourself up-to-date on all the latest Carbon news, updates, contests, and more! Join our completely open Google+ community for insider conversation with devs and other users!

Download Carbon:

All Carbon downloads and further information such as features can be found on our page.

Who is Team Carbon?












Our next goal is to put together a build machine, and we need your help. Why do we need a server? Well, a few reasons. The first is the most obvious - we'd like to build more frequently and need the hardware to support it. That means drive space and speed. The more of each we have, the more we can say "hey let's crank out a build," and throw it up on goo so you see an update in goomanager. Right now, building is a pretty intensive all-day process. The second reason is stability. Building from a development machine means that the environment itself is less stable. This translates into, again, fewer builds and more work to make them. Faster building means we can build for more devices, too. All this free time means we can do more cool stuff. We've got a lot of great ideas coming, and every bit of time we can get to work on them means a better rom for you. If you've enjoyed Carbon, please consider a donation toward this goal. Thank you, and we hope you continue to enjoy Carbon!

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