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Forgive my noob question, as I don't have too much experience with Moto devices.

I was wondering if there was a way to spoof or sbf a Droid2 Global into a regular Droid 2.

I have a friend who doesn't use the global capabilities and would like to try out some regular D2 roms. Is this even possible? Thanks.

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These phones have different radio transceivers, thus it's impossible to use D2 ROMs on a D2G.

There are some ported ROMs like Liberty and Fission (and you NEED a special version of those for the D2G), but other than that, no.

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x13thangelx said:
Not entirely true GY..... You can use froyo ones atleast with a little bit of effort. Basically just /system/lib/hw, build.prop, and ril has to be dropped into the rom and it /should/ work right....
That would be correct. The only things different are the radio and cpu. Now we can add the from lib and of course grab the lib/hw folder (rename the libs to match the D2 ones that it is expecting) then finally edit build.prop to have the radio changes. For instance the d2g has 8 channels vs the 7 of the d2 and some other things. Now that should be the same whether it is GB or Froyo. With Froyo you will need a camera fix that I have to make it unmirrored.

Our MIUI is a port from the Milestone to Droid X to Droid 2 to Droid 2 Global lol. Yes we can definately run Droid 2 roms with a little modification.
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