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After having my Galaxy Nexus for a few weeks I'd like to share my experiences with 'possible' data connectivity issues.


Upon first activating my phone at an official Verizon store I noticed that I lost data and voice services for almost 20 minutes after the phone was first activated. Toggling of 3G/4G, Airplane mode, and even rebooting (battery pull) would not fix the problem... It eventually just started working and has been fairly reliable ever since.

On the second day of owning the phone I unlocked / rooted... Still using the stock rom, antenna, and kernel though.


I've started to notice that every time I switch data sources.... For instance
  • Turning off Wifi when connected to an AP
  • Turning off 4G services
I'll completely lose data connectivity for a period of seconds; no longer than a minute (all gray reception bars). However, I can still make calls and send texts. My question is, is this behavior normal for the device? I've never owned a 4G device before so I'm ignorant to the matter. I'm simply inquiring as if this is a sign of a faulty antenna VZW is going to owe me a brand new device (not some refurbished crap either...). If this is typical, then I suppose it's just the nature of the beast. Either way, I've love to hear from others regarding their experiences.... Thanks!



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My transitions between sources of data network connections don't tend to be problematic - HOWEVER... on the 2 occasions I've done a wipe and switched ROM's, I lose data service for upwards of 90 minutes or so...

Now, the 1st time this happened, it coincided with an actual outage VZW was having at that time ( and another buddy who has a Nexus lost data at the same time - he'd had data (3G where we're at) all day until all of a sudden.

The 2nd time - well, like I said... I wiped data&cache, and boom... no 3G for just over 90 minutes before it came back on its own.

I have heard/noted that if you're still on 4.0.1 or using the 4.0.1 radios, you'll have all kinds of problems getting 3G at all... I had that problem immediately after I first got the phone - walked out of BestBuy (used my BuyBack credit from my TBolt) and 10 minutes later I was in the VZW store down the way, bein' all "WTF, where's my data!?" - dude took the OTA update to 4.0.2 and all was right with the world - until I wiped data/cache...
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