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tinnmann420 said:
Sweet, here's kinda what I want to accomplish (made simple)...

1) dd a bit for bit copy of the pad (so system dump web os) for obvious reasons haha.

2) create appropriate partitions

3) dd android dump onto pad

Problems that will occur (in order I want to figure them out)..

the boot partition needs to be perfect which I have to look more at the boot files in the android dump. (if I dump web os I might be able to use the boot sequence from it and just modify it using pieces of the android dump. Any suggestions on this would be nice.

Cwm, I would like to figure out how they got cwm to boot cause that would be a great place to start.

any thoughts are welcomed
Have you looked in the

I have been tinkering away at this too. But keep getting interrupted with work and the wife.
I believe the chipset is msm8660. I am going to download the file branch and manifest and see how they look. might flash it over and set it to boot see how many times i can brick and unbrick this baby. lol
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