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savalan said:
hi guys, brilliant thread. but i have some questions
1. will this action remove warranty ?
2. can you tell me more about how responsive and efficient xoom gets with an ubuntu on it.
3. would you recommend ubunto instead of honeycomb 3.2 permanently

1. Rooting (Which requires unlocking the bootloader) voids your warranty. But it is easy to restore your device with no signs of bootloader unlocking.
2. Because this is work done by hackers, it is as stable as possible, but could break and not work at any time... it should be fairly stable and run like any device with 2ghz processor and 1gb of RAM. Big problem is usability because it is a touchscreen only device.
3. I prefer ubuntu to debian, but because you can reflash the boot.img from within cwm this is basically a dual boot... meaning you aren't permanently replacing honeycomb.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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